Chellsea strives to be recognized as a first class operator in the fields of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. We achieve this by emphasizing QHSE in the planning and conduct of all of our activities and operations.

Governing Objectives

  • Zero injuries and occupational illnesses.
  • Zero discharge of dangerous or environmentally damaging substances.
  • Zero unplanned off hire through minimising the risk of property damage.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol on-board.
  • Adhere to all mandatory regional laws and regulations.
  • Ensure respect for the communities of the country where operations are based, ensuring limited impact on culture and traditions.
  • Systematically improve QHSE policies and practices via target setting and performance management.

NB – ALARP stands for As Low As Reasonably Practicable. This is a term often used in the regulation and management of safety-critical and safety-involved systems.

Chellsea implements ALARP principles in its Risk Management

Statistics for last three years 201720182019
Man hours 429,240438,000297,840
Major incidents000
MTC (Medical treatment cases)200
First aid cases000
LTI (Lost time Incident)000
LTIF (Lost time Incident frequency)<0.65000
TRIR (total reportable incident rate)<2.00.9300
EDI (environmental damage incident)000
Safety reporting system201720182019
Number of safety report and near miss reports959836