• Gautam S. Chellaram Chairman & CEO

    Gautam S. Chellaram Chairman & CEO

    Gautam S. Chellaram is Chairman and CEO of Chellsea, a family business managing a fleet of Platform Supply Vessels servicing the Offshore Oil & Gas marine logistics sector headquartered in Singapore.

    From 2001 to 2009 Gautam worked in Hong Kong for KC Maritime, which owns and operates a fleet of bulk carriers. He left KC Maritime and relocated to Singapore to spearhead Chellsea as Chief Executive Officer.

    In 2020 he relocated back to Hong Kong to take over as Chairman of KC Maritime and continues to serve as Chairman and CEO of Chellsea.

    Mr. Chellaram is a Trustee of SSRVM founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar as the educational wing of the Art of Living. He is also involved in philanthropic activities for the Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation.

  • Rajiv BiswasChief Operating Officer

    Rajiv BiswasChief Operating Officer

    Rajiv is responsible for Chartering, Business Development, CRM, Sale & Purchase, Insurance and also heads the Technical department and Projects. He directs company’s revenue growth through implementation of sales and marketing strategies in Oil & Gas, EPC industry and is responsible for developing new business opportunities to expand company’s footprint in the Africa, Middle East, India and North West Europe. Rajiv possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering from D.M.E.T.

    He has previously held the post of Commercial Director.